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Outdoor Activities in Gloucestershire, the Forest  of Dean, Herefordshire, and the Wye Valley

Gorge walking with Life Changing Activities

Outdoor Activities  

We provide outdoor activities in Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean, Herefordshire, and the Wye Valley as well as Wales and the Brecon Beacons. But we are more than just outdoor activities, we use life coaching and NLP during our activities  to make a real difference. We can offer your party climbing, abseiling and canoeing in the Wye Valley or for something different go gorge walking in Wales and Herefordshire, survival training in Gloucestershire or raft building in the Forest of Dean.

Our outdoor activities are all about:

Understanding yourselves in an outdoor environment.
Setting your own challenges and goals. 
Exploring your own emotions and feelings in a supportive environment.
Learning about what makes you tick as an individual and in a team.
And above all it's about  having fun.

If you need accommodation as well as outdoor activities for your party then use the link above to find group accommodation and bed and breakfast.

Hen parties and stag parties are all catered for and if outdoor activities seem a bit too strenuous then we can organise a Team Challenge Day for your party, click on the Stag Parties / Hen Parties link for more information.

Outdoor activities such as climbing, abseiling and gorge walking need you to be reasonably mobile, but canoeing, survival training, raft building and Team Challenge are outdoor activities that can be done by anyone of any age.

We can tailor all our outdoor activities to suit your party so if you want to have a day of climbing and survival  training or gorge walking and abseiling then it is no problem.  Have a look at all of the outdoor activities on the site and do feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

If you already know which outdoor activity that you want for your group then just click on the links above for more details, but if you are not too sure about which activity would suit your group there is a brief description of each activity below to help you out. Don't forget we can mix and match any of these activities to give you and your party the type of adventure that you want.

outdoor activities - Rock Climbing Symonds YatClimbing and Abseiling  

We have one of the most popular climbing areas in the country right on our doorstep at Symonds Yat, so if you fancy climbing up real rock or learning how to abseil down cliffs then this is a great activity for you and your group.  All our climbing instructors are highly experienced and are chosen as much for their caring attitude as for their ability to get the most out of a group. You need to be reasonably mobile to go rock climbing but you can abseil at any age and ability.




outdoor activities wales- gorge walking walesGorge Walking and Abseiling

Gorge walking is the ultimate in outdoor thrills. At its simplest it involves you and your group scrambling up a river usually in a steep gorge. It is a great team activity as everybody has to help each other to overcome the natural obstacles that they come across. These can range from crawling under fallen trees, climbing up small waterfalls or jumping into deep pools. There is always a place for you to do an abseil as well and this just adds to the fun. It is a really popular activity with Hen parties and Stag Parties as well as any well motivated group. If you want some real fun in the outdoors try this activity. 



outdoor activities - team challenge herefordshireTeam Challenge 

Team Challenge is a great choice if you and your group want to do something really fun together but don't want to do traditional outdoor activities. It takes place in and around your accommodation so you don't have to travel anywhere. Your group is split into teams who then try to get as many points as possible by completing games, challenges and puzzles.  It's fantastic fun and everybody has a skill that the team can use as there are a huge range of games, puzzles and challenges to choose from. This is the most popular activity for hen parties as it is a great bonding experience. 


outdoor activities - canoeing river wyeCanoeing

If you fancy canoeing then we can take your group down the River Wye for a half day or a full day with a stop for lunch at Symonds Yat. It runs through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is easy paddling with a few rapids to keep things exciting. We will also teach you how to paddle the two person canoes and play a load of games along the way.

This is a great introduction for complete novices or those of a delicate disposition (EG hung-over).





outdoor activities - caving symonds yat


Most people avoid caving but they would be missing a fantastic experience. All the caves we use have large entrances and you always have a choice of the size of holes that you want to go down. It is a fantastic team building activity and can be a great opportunity for different members of the group to shine. If you want to try something really different come and see what caving is all about.




outdoor activities - raft building forest of deanRaft Building

A really fun event with no skill or ability needed. You are given all the equipment, instruction and encouragement you need and then its up to you. Just build your raft, launch it and then hopefully paddle it around the lake before it breaks up.  It's a great team building/bonding event for all ages, and abilities so if you are after a fantastic time with your party then try raft building. 






outdoor activities - survival training forest of deanSurvival Training

If you want to try something completely different then book up your group for a survival training session. You will learn to light fires, forage for wild food, prepare wild game and cook it. You will also learn to build your own shelter and how to survive out in the woods.









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