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Rock Climbing


Experience the beauty of the outdoors with our variety of popular sports activities like rock climbing, abseiling and gorge walking. The counties of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire are blessed with a number of challenging rock formations for beginners and the adventurous alike including the very popular Symonds Yat Rock which affords rock climbers and avid abseiling enthusiasts a spectacular view of meandering River Wye at the bottom from your vantage point at the top of beautiful gorge.

Climbing and Abseiling in Monmouthshire

Recent advances in climbing equipment have made rock climbing an extremely safe activity. You will be assisting each other to get to the top and with so many climbs to choose from, all levels of fitness and ability are catered for. Rock climbing often suits parties of mixed ability and fitness as you can do as little or as much as you like, so there is always something for everyone to do. If you want to go rock climbing in Wales and the Brecon Beacons then we can come to you and take you to some breathtakingly beautiful areas with excellent rock climbing for beginners or advanced climbers.


Symonds Yat is not only popular for rock climbing, it is also a great place for abseiling. Abseiling is a method of going down a rock face using ropes. It is a very popular activity in its own right and great for groups, parties and families. It can be a really scary experience but it is extremely safe and the thrill you experience as you go over the edge is second to none.

Climbing and Abseiling in Monmouthshire

Tyrolean Crossing

For those who have tried climbing and abseiling then why not book up for a tyrolean crossing? It is a cross between horizontal abseiling and a slow zip wire over a huge drop. Not only do you have to get everyone across but you will also be involved in building the tyrolean crossing as well. There is nothing more adrenaline pumping than stepping off the edge of a cliff attached to ropes that you have tied yourself. (We do check all knots!)

Tyrolean Crossing in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Hen and Stag Parties

Hen and stag parties really enjoy rock climbing and abseiling sessions, there are rock climbs that are suitable for all levels and competition can often bring out the unknown talent in friends that you were all unaware of. We always supply highly experienced well qualified instructors so that you can get the most out of your rock climbing, abseiling and tyrolean crossings. The great thing about doing these activities as a group is that there is always plenty of time to socialise when you are not climbing, abseiling or swinging below a rope. Feedback: Look at what our clients say.

Tyrolean Crossing in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Our ultimate aim is to give you and your party the most fun, the most excitement and the best adventure that you have ever had. And don't feel intimidated by the photos, we always start every outdoor activity gently and teach you all the skills and techniques that you need along the way. By the time you get to any tougher parts you will be more than ready for them and if you feel that you don't want to do a certain challenge then there are always other options.

During the outdoor activity session we will be taking photos and videos of you and your party. We will then send you all the pictures so that you can relive those moments again and again. If you want to bring your own cameras or camcorders we will use them when we can but it will be at your own risk.

You can do outdoor activities at any time of the year but some are more suitable for the warmer months than others. So if you want to experience the best outdoor activities in England and Wales then contact me for a quote for you and your party. I offer discounts for large groups and can arrange transport and accommodation if you have not already got it organised

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Email Life Changing Activities 07376 942151

Feedback about Climbing and Abseiling

Dave (Birmingham)

"If you are giving any feedback to Michael - mine wound be that he was a thoroughly excellent, professional and friendly guide - we hit gold with him.
It was one of the best activity type days I've ever done."

Lucy (Swindon) "Thanks for putting us all at our ease, the abseiling was fantastic fun and I loved the climbing, please thank Chris and Steve"

Gavin (Gloucester) "May I just say that we all had a really great day and one of the best things that I have ever done."